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Editor's Note

Darwin's Finches were the first indisputable proof of adaptive radiation — or the idea that a species can evolve from a shared ancestor. Music is such, as artists constantly evolve and form sub-cultures in the music world. Much like the finches, some artists make beneficial adaptations, allowing them to fit in certain niches — not ecological niches like the ones in the animal kingdom, but niches nonetheless. While natural selection doesn't weed out musicians, certain traits or styles equate to longevity in an oftentimes cutthroat industry. Spurred by our affinity for music, Trevor and I created The Finch. The Finch is a digital and physical publication, containing music reviews and Op-Ed pieces. We hope to continue to cultivate a culture at Stuart Hall that appreciates and discusses innovation in music. Print immortalizes its subject, and as music continues to shape-shift, the artists featured have been solidified for as long as copies are produced. — Eli Mundy

About Us

We are two students in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were compelled to music journalism by our strong love for music. Because large portions of our days are spent in conversation about the newest albums, we decided to go write about them. We published our first print edition in December of 2018, and are looking forward to publishing two or three more issues in the New Year. Thanks for reading!


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