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Drake — 8 Out Of 10

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

“Drizzy about to drop/ the whole game in disarray”. Simple, classic Drake bar. But oh, does it ring true. While June was chock full of rap releases, everyone collectively held their breath for June 29. The return of Drake, whose name had been dragged through the mud like never before, loomed near. I have never seen anticipation for an album like the days (and hours) leading up to Scorpion. Drake had people listening to his greatest hits on Beats 1 for an hour. On “8 Out Of 10,” Drake slyly owns up to his “losses,” turning what some viewed as a career ender into a quick bar about kissing his son (and his adversaries) goodbye. Like every move he makes, this one is calculated, and Drake turns a privacy invading moment into an anthem. He owns it. No one can do it like Drake.


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