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Dijon — Nico's Red Truck

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Dijon, close friend and collaborator of BROCKHAMPTON, and one of music’s best kept secrets, has returned with his strongest offering yet. “Nico’s Red Truck” is sparsely gorgeous and nostalgic. The quality of the recording is intentionally rough around the edges, natural, and fun. Dijon’s accounts of his past seamlessly become mine, and I can envision myself biking to the YMCA to pick up a paycheck. “Red Truck” is entrancing, a vivid recollection of the minute everyday details, that only become interesting to the listener as a result of Dijon’s beautifully constructed narrative. “Red Truck” is an ode to an old photograph, weaving and darting through the scenery that leads to the freeze frame. It’s a song about Dijon’s own photograph, but one that viscerally reminds me of my own.


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