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Nas — Simple Things

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Nas’s outro from his new LP finds him deviating from the subject matter on the project’s six other tracks. Nas opens the song describing immortality as “his guy” and personifying longevity— claiming that he can look at it eye to eye. “Simple Things” is reflective in its essence, but boastful in its delivery. Nas acknowledges critiques about his production choices in one verse, reminding us that we listen to him for his verses and not his beats (ironic considering Kanye’s beats shine brighter than Nas’s vocal performances throughout the course of the project). Simple Things appropriately closes an album where Nas refused to choose a direction or a constant theme, instead choosing to dabble in different subject matter from song to song. However, the beat on this track is arguably Kanye’s strongest from this album run, and Nas sounds in touch with himself and with his flaws— a constant theme throughout G.O.O.D. Music’s five-album run.


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